We are a fastest growing IT Services Company supporting premier clients for over a decade.

What We Do?

With our domain expertise, we offer IT Services, Seat Sourcing and IT Consulting Services to solve our customer's technical challenges requiring innovative solutions for mission-critical functions. Since the inception, we have been operating with a unique work culture and operating with high values to strengthen our client relationships by delivering quality, reliable and efficient services.

Being one of the fastest growing IT services company, we can fill the short-term and long-term gaps of companies implementing new technology solutions. By leveraging our expertise in specialized skills and focus on our quality service offerings and experienced delivery teams we deliver productive solutions to our clients and help them experience true returns on their strategic IT investments.

Support our clients!

To compete in global market place with our highly flexible and superior quality services.

IT Services Delivery

Our IT Services caters to the best of the breed processes resulting successful and above expected delivery.

With industry standard quality procedures clubbed with benchmarked practices and experienced delivery skills we help our clients get maximum return on their IT spending. To deliver efficient application management services we work with you to:

  • Analyze the existing service capabilities to develop a baseline for the implementation approach
  • Define the solution architecture and present process-flows to finalize the development framework
  • Utilize our solution delivery capabilities to develop the solution meeting the business needs
  • Provide continuous maintenance and administrative support services to the solution

In order to efficiently deliver quality services to our clients, we engage our experienced groups in:

Software Development

Businesses focused at improving share in existing markets and expanding to new markets are facing a lot of competition. To become successful, businesses need efficient systems in achieving the strategic goals. With experienced resources specialized in niche technologies and focused delivery model, we can help our clients achieve their goals efficiently.

IT Operations Support

Providing round the clock services has become very critical to many businesses in the competitive global market place. In order to maintain the critical business systems functioning round the clock, businesses are opting for global service providers. With onsite and offshore presence, we can manage our client's mission critical business applications round the clock.

Process Re-engineering

Demanding customers and changing technology trends require businesses to identify design alternatives to improve the operational efficiency of existing systems. Many times the systems have to be upgraded at faster pace to provide reliable services to the increasing customer base. With expert teams, we can re-engineer and deploy new solutions rapidly.

IT Consulting Services

In today's competitive world businesses changing shape at faster pace and same as the technology.

At times the single threaded train and develop methods proved expensive and displayed more latency for companies focused at faster response times. Hiring experienced professionals can solve the problems with lagging technology skills, but the long-term resource maintenance costs involved are very significant compared to contracting a specialized service provider to complete the task. To overcome these costs and provide specialized IT services, we continue to:

  • Understand the strategic goals of our clients and prepare our teams to efficiently service and support the new business needs.
  • Partner with leading product and tool developers for early adoption of latest improved and efficient development frameworks.
  • Research widely used industry standards and analyze benchmarked and successful architectural deployments.
  • Identify gaps in our service offerings and delivery capabilities and fill them with experienced professionals at various levels.

IT Seat Sourcing

With experienced teams, we can execute complex IT projects with significant cost savings to clients.

Outsourcing has emerged as one of the most successful business strategies in today’s competitive world. Offshore Software Development, being a significant part of IT Outsourcing market facilitates the companies to focus on their core activities while at the same time providing them with a means of fulfilling their business requirements and that too at affordable costs. It has thus, become a necessary strategic tool for companies to gain the competitive advantage by staying ahead in their own market.

Our Seat Sourcing offering is developed with our expertise in outsourcing to help clients of small to medium sizes to take full advantage of the outsourcing model without the burden of complex and expensive outsourcing contracts. We work closely with our clients to identify what tasks/services are being outsourced and place our expert resources by number of seats to deliver competitive services at affordable costs.

With our Seat Sourcing offering, we benefit our clients with:

Reduced Costs

Companies can get the work done at lower costs by saving out on software and infrastructure required for the completion of the project, thereby giving them an opportunity to control their IT budget and resources.

Faster Delivery

By taking advantage of the time-zone differences, we engage our offshore/onsite teams to deliver round the clock services to our clients. Our clients can get the business solutions delivered at faster rates to achieve their business goals speedily.

Focused Employees

From our Offshore delivery centers, we take care of majority of the development and support needs of our clients, which gives an opportunity for the client's team to focus more on improving the operational efficiency of other core businesses.