We are a fastest growing IT Services Company supporting premier clients for over a decade.

Who We Are?

We are committed to delivering high quality services by collaborating with our clients to understand their business needs and help them achieve their strategic goals in a cost-effective manner. We provide high quality IT services that our clients can trust and depend on while they can focus on various aspects of their core business to excel in the ever changing competitive marketplace.

Our team of qualified professionals help our clients to efficiently deal with any IT issue. We offer our clients a vast range of IT Services, Seat Sourcing and Consulting Services - from developing an IT Strategy to implementing IT Solutions that will positively influence our clients' strategic business growth plans.

Client's trusted partner!

We are committed to delivering high quality reliable services that our clients can trust and rely upon.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become our client’s trusted partner of choice to support their IT needs.

We are committed to provide accessible, affordable, innovative, high-quality IT Services, Seat Sourcing and Consulting Services that meet the diverse needs of our clients pursuing excellence in their businesses, systems, and operations. We are also committed to improve our employees satisfaction by adopting creative approaches for their career progression. We envision to broaden the range of our services and work with our clients to continuously innovate new approaches to deliver highly competitive services.

Our clients first!

Client satisfaction is our top most priority and we work hard to exceed your expectations.

Our Approach

We use unique delivery approach based on the deep analysis of IT standards and market trends.

Such approach helps us understand the current market demands and help us strategize our services to better support our clients with their growth plans. Our value added service delivery model builds on our expertise in technology and consulting to help clients minimize their IT spending and improve operational efficiency so they can create sustainable value for their customers. Using our focused delivery model, industry experience we adopt industry standards, technology trends and develop solutions to help our clients:

  • Deliver sustainable value to their customers with improved operational efficiency
  • Increase return on IT investments to provide competitive services in existing markets
  • Reduce IT spending and still operate with full capacity more efficiently

Client growth is priority!

We ensure uninterrupted performance of your systems so you can focus on growing your business.

Our Commitment

With our proven delivery capabilities and partner relationships we work with clients or all sizes.

Our dedicated efforts to deliver high quality services and the commitment to client satisfaction strengthens our relationships. Our main aim is to display exceptional capabilities and deliver competitive services to our clients at more affordable costs. Among the many strengths that distinguish Covanex in the marketplace are our:

  • Solid expertise in different industry verticals and competitive service offerings
  • Efficient IT Service Delivery and Seat Sourcing capabilities
  • Experienced management and proven technical teams

Expand your portfolio!

While we are committed to identify best solutions to support your strategic business growth plans.

Our Advantage


We provide exceptional services to our clients with primary focus in specialized technologies across industry verticals and help improve their business performance and increase profits.


Our experience with onsite-offshore service delivery lets us easily support our clients to stay ahead of their competition with continuous innovation and expansion to new markets.


Our simple and easy to adopt seat sourcing model is built for all sizes of clients to take advantage of global delivery without being worried about expensive outsourcing contracts.